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K2 PROTON 200G Carnauba hard wax

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Price: €21,00 €14,70
Brand: K2

K2 Proton is a highly efficient and effective protective wax, based on the hardest know Carnauba wax. Provides mirror shine and intensifies paintwork colour. Easy to apply and polish. For a long protection period, even up to dozen or more wash cycles. After its application the paint becomes completely smooth allowing water droplets to runoff the paintwork. Directions: Wash and dry the paintwork before using the product. In order to reach maximum durability use K2 Clay bar (L700) to remove deposits and K2 Klinet (L761) to degrease paintwork. Apply the wax with a sponge on max 1-2 elements at a time. Let it dry for 2-5 minutes (no fingerprints left after touch) Polish with a microfibre. Note: Do not use on direct sunlight or heated surface