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K2 Quantum Wax

Price: €12,00
Brand: K2

Neat varnish is a showcase of the car and its owner. Therefore, based on research, testing and experience have created a synthetic wax protective Quantum. It is a unique product based on top quality polymers, providing long-lasting protection of paint, up to several wash. Additionally, it contains a unique means of enhancing the color and brings a deep shine. After applying the coating becomes perfectly smooth and increases its surface tension which facilitates run-off of water drops. Highly efficient - only 50-70 ml per car. It has a pleasant aroma of green tea. Does not stain plastics. It is suitable for the application at hand and machine using a soft sponge. Try Quantum and see for yourself that its use guarantees the perfect condition of the paint for a long time. It does not contain silicone, so it can be used in paint shops.