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Ultracoat Carbon is a new generation ceramic coating for all painted surfaces. Using a combination of SiO2 and well-selected hydrocarbons allowed us to obtain an unprecedented level of hydrophobicity and flexibility of the coating, which effectively protects your paint for 12 months after application.

The application of the product is effortless and does not require strictly controlled conditions. You can even apply it outdoors. Both spreading and buffing the coating are effortless. The experienced detailer will apply the product to several elements and then deliver the whole thing with one microfiber. The paint protected with Ultracoat Carbon acquires a spectacular gloss and glassiness, and the color becomes darkened and beautifully deep.

The surface becomes slippery, which is very useful when drying the car and reduces the formation of micro-scratches. To achieve even better visual effects and maximum slipperiness, you can apply a second coating layer after 1 hour from the first layer. The protected car obtains a protective layer with strong UV filters and chemical resistance on a pH scale of 2-12. That significantly reduces the oxidation of the paint and preserves the beauty of its color. Maintaining the car protected with Ultracoat Carbon becomes very easy, and its appearance is the pride of every automotive enthusiast.